Change phone number without access

Recently i tried creating an account and i stopped after entering my phone number and passcode.
But later when i tried continuoing the process it either said that my phone number is already in use or that I entered a wrong passcode while I was certain it was the right one.
Is there a way to start over from beginning? or atleast change passcode if I am somehow entering a wrong one.

Thanks in advance!

I wish we could add seperate category ACCOUNT ISSUES/PROBLEMS and move all these posts there. :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:

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Hello, could you please help me - trying register in app with my Dutch number and error message appears: invalide verification code or phone number
Could you do something with that?

Hi @AndreasK , I no longer have access to my old phone number and my Revolut card has expired. I tried opening a new account but my details are linked to my first account. I would like to update my phone number on the account and order a new card. Please help as I’m having no luck with the customer service inside the App.

@AndreasK i hope you can see this message

I don’t understand why there are :r: employees to read & reply on FB and Twitter but not here. And even Twitter/FB they cannot handle properly.

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I’m locked out of my account because I have a new email and I’m locked out of my old one.
However I still have the same phonenummer.
How do I solve this? I couldn’t find any information about this on your website.


Hi Andreas,
I have changed number several times recently and now I can log into the app at all. I enter my old number and pin, and I get the invalid error. I try my original number and same issue. I try setting up a new account completely with a new email and I get an “something went wrong, try again later”.

Can you please help, I can get help through the app because I can’t log in and the phone line is 100% automated. I can’t use my account at all. this is the only way I can find to get a human response. my email is please urgently advise

Hi. can you change the phone number for me please?

Thank you

@AndreasK i hope you can see this message

@AndreasK hello!
I also have the same issue, I can’t change my phone number since I do not have access to my old phone number.

Thanks for the help.

Hi @AndreasK

I want to log into the Revolut app but every time it asks me to verify my email address via the phone, it simply resends me to the same main page.

I would appreciate your help here, thank you.

Have the same problem. Please help.

Hi @AndreasK,
I have same issue, can you please help to update my phone number?

I can’t access Revolut and said my phone no. is incorrect.

Can you please help!

Thank you so much!

Hello @AndreasK, I have a problem with the login, it gives an error, help

Hi, is the same for me:code number by text/sms sent by Revolut is 6 number but the screen want 8 number. It doesn’t match.


I have the same issue with my phone number no longer accessible due to a change of number. Could you please let me know how to change this.



I need a help I can’t post a message so I’m replying here, I have the same issue, I cant update my new phone number, I need help, ASAP

Hi, I think I have the same issue. I tried to change my number in the App but now I cannot login anymore. The App is asking me the old number and is going back always in the same page asking the old number.
Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi Andreas

I have a problem - I have changed phone but kept the same number. However,I cannot remember my 4 digit pin to access the app from my old phone,and do cant log in to my account