Change phone number without access to app


I no longer have access to the number I used to register with Revolut last year. I would however still like to use my Revolut card as I am traveling to Europe next week. How can I use the app on my new phone which has a new number? it is requesting that I input a pin that is being sent to my old number which I do not have access to. Is it possible to use a new number with my existing revolut account please?


Hello @Gersboyldn,

Please read this topic
What's happen if I lose my phone?


that is completely unhelpful


please give me a resolution as I wish to use my revolut card, with a NEW PHONE.

you cannot access support on the app unless you are logged in. or am I being stupid?


Then please check this


Basically: put your old phone number, and when asked for the PIN, click Forgot?

You can also try Twitter
:bird: https:/


doesn’t work. if you say you forgot your pin, it says it will send you a verification code to the registered number. so again this is not a solution.

how do I change my registered number on the app without actually having access?


Dear @Gersboyldn,

STEP 1: When asked for your PIN, don’t write it, click “Forgot?”

STEP 2: Click Support

Other ways of getting this done might be contacting :r: through Twitter or get in touch with a moderator here, like @AndreasK :wink:


I haven’t forgotten my pin.
I know my pin.
when I enter my pin, it says “enter your phone number” and when I enter the number that I was registered with previously, it wants to send a verification text to me.
I cannot receive that verification text, as that number is no longer valid

Does anyone know how to actually solve this? @AndreasK


Hey @Gersboyldn,

I can see you’re using 3.7.3 Version. Can you please update it please?


Andreas K.


Hi @AndreasK

I am using the most recent version of the app downloaded from the app store…


Strange I can see 3.7.3 V. Can you try to reinstall the app?


ok I have installed the app again @AndreasK

what is the next step?

I am on the login page. asking me to input my number. shall I write my old number where my account is registered?


Drop me a DM please so I can change the phone number associated with your account.


Hi @AndreasK

sorry but I don’t know how to send a DM. can you send me one so that the notification comes up and I can access my messages that way? sorry to be a nuisance. thanks


I will do it for you :slight_smile: No problem!


Hi @AndreasK I have the exact same problem. I was told before I left to travel all i would have to do is contact Revolut and they would change the number. The problem is it is really hard to get in touch with someone and I really need the cash asap! Please can you DM me?


Hi @wingsoffire! Nothing to worry about :muscle::muscle:I’m here to help :slight_smile:


I have had the same problem. Could you please help


Hi AndreasK, I have exactly the same problem, can you please help? Can you please DM me? Elena


Hi @Aaron2 & @espanolla!

Sure, let’s get in touch via DM! Are you able to send me a DM?


Hi Andreas, actually I was able to do it through a chat !