Change numbers support not working

I am trying to change phone numbers as I lost my old phone. I am able to click the change button on the app enter old number and pin then am taken to a support page where I am unable to send a message! Please help I am travelling and need access to a new card asap

Hey @Ellie115 :slightly_smiling_face:slight_smile:

Give the :r: team at Twitter a go. They’re usually fast and efficient :wink:

Hi thanks I actually don’t have Twitter is it possible to contact any other way or worth

Hey @Ellie115 :slight_smile:

You can also reach them through Facebook:

Hi there. Did you manage to get in touch with us?

I did thanks so much

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Hi Andreas, same issue here. Need to solve it urgently as i need to top up and use my card. Many thanks!


Please feel free to drop me a DM, so that I can hep.

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hi andreas, im having issues, cannot log into the app anymore after my phone was set back to factory settings and I have a different nr
Can you tell me how to receive the activation email, cause i am not receiving anything.

Hi Andeask,

Ive broke my phone with my swiss number and as am travelling Ive download the app and am trying to connect with my brazilian number but I cannot enter… please help me!