Change numbers support not working


I am trying to change phone numbers as I lost my old phone. I am able to click the change button on the app enter old number and pin then am taken to a support page where I am unable to send a message! Please help I am travelling and need access to a new card asap


Hey @Ellie115 :slightly_smiling_face:slight_smile:

Give the :r: team at Twitter a go. They’re usually fast and efficient :wink:


Hi thanks I actually don’t have Twitter is it possible to contact any other way or worth


Hey @Ellie115 :slight_smile:

You can also reach them through Facebook:


Hi there. Did you manage to get in touch with us?


I did thanks so much


Hi Andreas, same issue here. Need to solve it urgently as i need to top up and use my card. Many thanks!



Please feel free to drop me a DM, so that I can hep.