Change my address


Yesterday I registered. Then I wanted to order my physical card in London( I live here) but I cannot . The application has my address in Greece and I cannot change. Why? What can I do?


Hi Panagiotis. You cannot change personal detail once you’ve verified your account. You can change the address by contacting our in-app support team and providing proof of address.


Hi Andrea. I found the solution for my problem. Thank you… Everything looks nice now. But I have an other question now. Why I was charged two pounds on my first top up to Revolut from my HSBC account??? When I did the top up I had my address in Greece. Later I changed the address and I put my English one. That was the problem??? Now I wii be charged again when I top up my Revolut account?


Always choose to top up with the right currency of your card. In this case is GBP as you’re using a UK bank card. Also, there’s 1 EUR or 1£ for card pre-authorisation, which will be reverted.


Thank you Andrea!!! Now, it’s ok. Can I ask you? Are you Greek?