Change language settings?

Where in the app do I change language settings?

On iOS, you change it in the iOS settings, not the app itself.

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@Dan15 Hello, Welcome to the community. :sunflower:

You can have the Revolut app in different languages :eyes:

Android: The language is compatible with the language set in their device. Changing language in the phone settings will result in changing the language in your Revolut app (e.g. you have your phone in Polish, your app will be in Polish too).

iOS: you can change the app language by going to the iPhone settings → Revolut → Language.

If your Revolut app did not change language after changing the device language, try re-starting it.

The language of documents downloaded from the app can take up to 2 hours to update after changing the language.

Hope this helps. :pray:

Veda | Community team