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I was wondering if anyone has identified a solution to this problem. Similarly to so many commenters here, I tried to sign up for Revolut when I was living in Hong Kong and was put on the waitlist to join. I have now relocated to the UK, but it seems I can neither change my country, nor delete my old (non-) account, or even get “in app” help. Is there any fix for this?

The solution is to contact Revolut support. How this can be done without access to the app can be found here:

Is anyone having issues with getting a waitlist position bump in the Revolut Canada waitlist? I tried referring with successful signups but I wasn’t bumped up. Sorry if I’m posting in the incorrect thread. Thanks for the help in advance!

Please check my post just above yours.

Hey there, can you please help me? I have the same problem!


You are replying to an inactive account. This is a user community no Revolut support here. Please check my post just above yours.

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Hey, I got the same problem. I am from the Netherlands, currently travelling in spain. I am not able to add a dutch debitcard now to order a card from revolut. Anybody an answer how to solve this?

Could you please clarify what you mean with this sentence? :thinking:

In general: there is no Revolut support here (this is a user community). To me (as a Revolut user) it’s not clear from your post what is your exact problem. But if you would like to have support from Revolut, please contact them directly.

Hey! Sounds like you want to transfer funds from your Dutch bank account to Revolut to be able to order a card?

Maestro/Vpay cards are rarely supported for this. Just make a regular bank transfer instead. If your Dutch bank supports SEPA Instant Transfer, it’s going to be instant, just like topping up with card. I also believe, “iDEAL” is supported for top ups but could be payments only. Not sure.

iDEAL is indeed also supported for top ups.

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I got the same problem for account sign up. I have put the country of residence as Thailand and the address as well. However, I have just moved to UK. For now, the account is still not able to vertified. So I am wondering how to change the sign up details from Thai address to UK address? Thank you

Could you please reattach the information of the Revoult support? I could not access it. Thank you :smiley:

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I had also used an incorrect address during the sign up (wrong country). I would like to register with my Portuguese address but now I can’t change it at all. I tried to delete the app and reinstall it, but I am stuck on a wait list, because the app don’t work in Brazil yet, so could you please help me as well? I would also like to use Revolut’s services!

Thank you for your help.

No Revolut support here. Please check my post just above yours.

Hello, I have a similar issue to ‘ivana.amin’ above. I’m stuck in a waiting list, but am registering from the UK. I previously had a Canadian account, but Revolut is no longer in Canada.

@anon71086934 I just reached the UK for the first time last week and went to quarantine. While in quarantine, I did not have the chance to get my UK number and I used my Philippine number to sign up with Revolut. However, I did not know that Revolut is not supported in PH. Now, I need to have an account urgently and I am still on the waitlist. Could you cancel my registration please so I can register anew using my my UK number? Thank you.

Please check my post just above yours.