Change initial country

The last time @anon71086934 has visited this community was in July 2018… This is a user community, there is no Revolut support here.

Anyone reading this, I solved it. Just close your account and open a new one.

No, even if i use different number, base don my name and DOB etc, they basically know its the same person.

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Hello! Heres a solution that worked for me when i was having the same issue. Restart the app or even reinstall it so it gives you the option to log in. Once your there do not log in because you will end up at the same spot where you can’t even go back. Instead just chose the option “forgot my login password” and the app will ask a security question. I didn’t answer the question corretly so it gave me the option to create a new account using the same number. Hope it helps! Cheers!

Well, after that, please contact support!

In their T&Cs, Revolut states that a person can only have one account. Having two active accounts can result in blocked or cancelled accounts. I am not sure if you’ve actually opened a 2nd account, but in case you have, it’s important to talk to support, they can help with this.


Well, technically i opened only 1 account because i was never able to complete the first one due to the nationality issue. Once I was able to go back using the method I explained I was able to change my nationality.

Okay, great, sorry for the misunderstanding.

No problem. I guess I didn’t correctly explain