Change initial country

Prolly revoult took a few days to remove the account from their systems. Just think about the work behind the scenes, they need to remove the bank account, de cards numbers, and everything, thats a lot of work for a “instant close my account forever” and you trying to instant create another account with the same name in another country, I think they keep you in a temporal hold-up for a few time to ensure that everything is removed and then you could open the account without any problem.

Hi Jessica. I have the exact same problem and was hoping that you can help me out too. I look forward to your reply!

That seems to be the same as I was told (see Not possible to transfer account from the UK to the EU?), though I still find it difficult to believe.

That’s very alarming. I’ll sit tight until I know how this works out for you. Good luck.

I have the exact same problem. I put the address of where I’m going to be and not where I come from so now it needs to prove I live in Singapore but I can’t prove it. I’m stuck in the screen that wants to me to verify my account and I need to somehow get back to put my home country.

Thank you for your help

Yeh but some of us have absolutely no card or anything attached. I chose Australia when I signed up and they couldn’t verify me. When I moved back to the EU and had to change my address I couldn’t. They say it’s not supported for Australians to change their address and yet I’m also a dual citizen. I have literally no accounts or cards added with them.

Also they ask for ‘nationality’ when you want to verify your identity, but then the email you get back from them says that they can’t verify that you live in the country. Yeh no shit, cos I don’t drive so I don’t have a driver’s license and my passport is Swedish…which says nothing about Australia…

For a digital company that prides itself on trying to change banking and finance for the average consumer they’re doing a pretty poor job.

I also need help to delete the initial country (Colombia) which was a temporary address, I need to change it to my permanent address in Norway. Can some one tell me how I can delete this? or if REVOLUT can pls delete my number and application, as I will registrate with full metal account, but for now i cannot access the help chat as I don’t officially have an account yet. PLS DELETE MY ACCOUNT SO I CAN START OVER AGAIN. Thanks.

I also have the same problem. I chose the UK as my address as I am living there for college, however I am an Irish citizen and my verification ID won’t work.
Any help would be appreciated

I had also used an incorrect address during the sign up (wrong country). I would like to register with my irish address but now I can’t change it at all. I tried to delete the app and reinstall it, but I am stuck on a wait list. Could you please help me as well ? I would also like to use Revolut’s services!

I have the same problem. Moved from India to UK but I’m on the waiting list in India. Please delete my initial country.


Hi @JessicaZ

I am having the same issue, I am currently a Germany resident but selected a nationality that Revolut does not support, and now I am on the waiting list. Could you please reset the initial country for me?

Thank you.

Did anyone at Revolut figure this out yet?

Same here, I put my Singapore adress instead of European one. PLEASE help

Could anyone help me with this? To reset my account so I could change the country. Please :slight_smile: @JessicaZ any help appreciated

I am having the same issue here.
When signing up I wrongly entered my address in my current location (country outside the EU) and now i want to change it to my home country (France) but the app does not allow me to do so.
It tells me that i already registered in a country outside where Revolut operates. And now I am stuck.
Can someone help me by resetting my profile do I can put my address in France and complete the signing up process?
Thank you in advance!

Hello, I am having the same issue, could someone please reset my account so I can change the country? Thanks @JessicaZ

Me too!! Can somebody help?

Same Problem, i am Residing in the UK, but when i signed up, happened to be in Singapore, redirected to Revolut SG. now stuck in between wrong country and cannot verify. Need help to delete original application and start from beginning. Please Help, i really want to open Revolut now

Wouldn’t a different phone number solve your problems?

Is there anyone from Revolut that can help me get out of the sign-up? I accidentally used Ireland which is where I’m at currently but I’m from the United States and here working on getting my permit to work, which with everything going on in the world has been majorly slow…
I’m wanting to use Revolut but if it’s hard to get things fixed I’m questioning it… I’ve heard good things about Revolut and that’s why I’m here looking for help. I’ve used my Irish number but can’t get past the confirm your nationality.