Change initial country

I signed up with the wrong country using Singapore as my country of residence instead of country of origin. It now seems impossible to change the address and Revolut is not available yet in Singapore… Is there a way to make a new account with the same phone number or just change the associated country?


It should be possible.
For example I’m citizen/ resident in EU but currently traveling in Asia so I used a philippino number (will be funny when I’ll change it)

The only problem is that the first card has to be sent to your legal address. The second card can be sent to any other address and hopefully to get posted too :no_good_man: mine is ordered in 10 and didn’t got posted yet and I’m leaving the place on Tuesday (estimated time was Monday). Not funny… let’s see. Maybe it will arrive before Tuesday 6PM Manila time :joy:

have the same problem - my phone number is stuck “in-line” as I signed up with US address. how can I change country?

same here. I’m stuck in the line. How can we change the country?

Hi there.

At the moment we offer our services to EEA residents and you will have to sign up using an EEA address and phone number. However, this is only temporary as we’re expanding to North America in a few months and one day hope to be available worldwide. :slight_smile:

Hi @JessicaZ

I had also used an incorrect address during the sign up (wrong country) and now I can’t change it at all. I put in my Canadian address, instead of my German address

I tried to delete the app and reinstall it, but I am still stuck on a wait list. Could you please help me? I would really like to use Revolut’s services!

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Hi @ivana.amin I’ve been in touch via DM, please check your inbox

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Hi @JessicaZ, I have just replied to your message. Thank you for the swift reply!

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Hi @JessicaZ

I had also used an incorrect address during the sign up (wrong country). I would like to register with my French address but now I can’t change it at all. I tried to delete the app and reinstall it, but I am stuck on a wait list. Could you please help me as well ? I would also like to use Revolut’s services!

Thank you for your help.


I have also signed up using the wrong country and now I can’t change it. Can I have your help on what to do?


I was just traveling by US… My original address is in the UK… now Im stuck in the line what should I do…


Same problem here! Am a resident in Spain but used NZ address and can’t change! Would love to sign up. Please help

Ask in support chat.

But when they ask you for legal address, you have to input your legal address not the temporary one…

I opened my account while I was in the Philippines using a Filipino number but my legal address is in Romania.
Never input a temporary address, because your ID/ passport is not issued on that one

I would like to change my initial country as I am stuck in the line since I signed in in Canada.
I would like to use a french dress but impossible.
Can you help me ?

Hi! I am in the same situation because I placed my US address instead of the spanish one. Is there any option to be helped?
Really thanks in advance!

I am in a similar situation, I opened my Revolut account when I was living in the U.K. however I moved back to France and I the app doesn’t let me update my new country of residence.
Thanks in advance for your support!

Hello @JessicaZ,

I have the same problem, I put HK with my French number instead of putting my French address,

Could you delete so I can start over ?


Hello @JessicaZ ,

I have same problem, I put my HK address where I work now instead of my Polish address.
Can you help me in someway so I can create account and get card?


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I’m having a similar issue…

I was living in France and opened my account with my french address. I moved to the US some time ago and I cannot either change my address nor verify my identity…

Can anyone help me with this problem ?

Thank you!!

Hey @JessicaZ

I also have a similar problem.

I have a Sweden-based Revolut account, but my Swedish ID has expired and now I’m moving to the Netherlands to live. I would like to change my default country from Sweden to Netherlands. Then I can provide my Dutch identification documents.
Can you or someone from Revolut help me change my default country from Sweden to Netherlands please?