Change Default Currency Everywhere

Please add the ability to change the default currency and have it reflect everywhere in the app.


I totally Agree with COMP1337. I want to send money from PayPal to my account in USD but it sends it to my account with Leva(Bulgarian currency) because PayPal converts it to the default currency. And if a man goes often to other country he must switch it often.

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Paypal converts it to the default currency of your Paypal account. Changing the base currency of your Revolut account won’t help you with this problem. Revolut accounts already accept USD transfers, but Paypal isn’t transferring USD.

Thanks for the answer Frank but on my PayPal I even don’t have Leva as currency only Euro and USD and still it transfer my money to my Revolut card in leva.

I am assuming you’ve registered your Paypal account in Bulgaria?

All that Paypal is going to allow you to transfer out from this account would be Leva, independently from which currencies you’re holding within Paypal.

That’s my current understanding. This might have changed, or it might be different depending on the region you live in, but as far as I know, the limiting factor is always Paypal which limits the currencies you can withdraw. It enforces a mandatory exchange before transferring the money out.

Did you contact Paypal support about this? Did you ask them if it’s possible for you to withdraw money in USD without conversion?

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