Change currency first?

Hey, maybe stupid question…but…it is better to change money before I will pay in different currency, or it doesn’t matter and rate is the same?

For example I have chargeg EUR account and I will pay in US dollars. It is better to change EUR to USD in app, or it doesn’t make any difference. Thanks!

It’s the same during the week. But changing beforehand avoids the weekend markup.


How it works if I have eg. 50USD in my account and 50Euros in another account and I try to pay let say 60euros?

The payment will fail. Check help:


And the weekend mark up…I heard somewhere it is only for Saturday and Sunday, but read elsewhere it is Friday as well. Would changing currency on Friday avoid the weekend mark up?

At this moment the exchange rate is good from what I see, at least RON-USD-EURO. During wend is not so good.

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