Change Credit Card for Topups

How do I change the credit card I used to initially open/activate my account?

Just delete the one card and add a new one.

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how to delete the card? there’s no option to delete…

I see only the option to ‘hide’ the card… where is the option to delete?

On the right upper corner you have three dots. Tap it and choose “Delete card”


Open the app, go TopUp section to find the existing card and tap on the three dots.

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There are no three dots at the top of the page…
FYI -I’m trying to delete/change the credit card that I put my initial 10 pounds on to, not a virtual revolut card.

Are you talking about a Revolut card or a card for top-ups?

At the top right corner of a top-up card, there are the three dots. Physical Revolut cards are deleted from the security options. But they can‘t be changed. Once issued, the card details stay the same.

Andreas described step by step how to find the top-up cards.

If you still can’t find it, I suggest you post a screenshot to help us figure out where the problem is.

correct, I’m talking about the Top Up card.
screenshots. attached. Can’t see the three dots.



You are showing the transaction details. Do exactly what Andreas wrote:

Hit the + button for top-ups, choose „card“, you will find all cards used for top-ups there.

(The transaction details in the timeline also show a +. But that’s the former transaction details. You have to find the top-up section.)

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ah, i found it, thanks :slight_smile:


Have this changed?

I can´t see any “dots” or find any way to remove old top-up cards …

Tap top up, select the card you want to delete, tap the little „i“, then delete.

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Ahh, thanks … been looking for that for days now :stuck_out_tongue: