change country and phone number

I will change country and I can’t change my phone number.
is it necessary to make revolut operating?

I created an account but i did not order a virtual card yet.
because I’m changing country, i’d like to order it with my new country and new phone number.

and i’d like to top up my account in euros instead of pounds

Hello @n000b,

That’s not a problem at all. You can order a card to any address, and it could be a different address than the one you have on your profile.

We can change the phone number associated with your account, however, you will need to contact our in-app support team.


Andreas K.

I created my account using my french address but now live in the UK. I would like my card delivered to the uk bit i receive a message saying that I must order it to be sent ar my french address
How do o change this?

You will need to provide us with a proof of address.

Hey there,
I already have on card on Revolut, based on my Romanian telephone and address.
Since I moved to UK, I would like a second one, a Metal, based on my UK phone number and address.
For both cards I would like to use same Revolut app & account, and use the cards.
I would like to use the free card to exchange from RON to GPB and viceversa and paying my bills in Romania and the Metal would be used strictly to receive my salary in UK and to pay council tax / rent/ etc in UK.
What would be the best option for me? What would you recommend me to do and how to do it?

Can’t complete registration
When registering, I chose the country where I was at that time - Montenegro. And in Montenegro there was a queue for registration.
Now I am in Poland, but I can not continue registration with a change in the country. What to do?

What if I move to Thailand which is not supported by Revolut, will my account be closed down then?

Btw, I can not create new posts here myself, I can just reply to existing posts even though I got a message saying I can create posts now.


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Hello everyone :wave:

Please refer this link for all your queries related to changing phone number and country.

Hope this helps. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance. :smiling_face: