Change contactless limit

I would like to be able to change the contactless limit on my card.
It is currently set at a fixed rate which I believe is too high.
Several banks offer their customers the choice of what the contactless limit should be. I consider this to be an important part of anti-fraud precautions.


Hi @Windowbox :wave:

There is no limit to the number of payments you can make by contactless in a single day. However, if you pay for five transactions in a row with a contactless card, you will be required to enter your PIN – just to confirm that the person paying is still you. You can find more information on contactless payments here.

Plus, with Revolut you can put on a card spending limit on your card :slight_smile: If you go to Cards - Settings - Set Spending Limit.

Hope this helps :crossed_fingers:

I am aware of the function to place a spending limit.
However, it is the ability to place a contactless limit, which is lower than the current £300, which I would like to see.
If my card is stolen, £300 of contactless spending is a lot to lose.
Therefore I would like to be able to create a contactless spending limit of perhaps £50 or £75.
The contactless functionality is useful, but I often switch it off. As a compromised card could lead to a £300 loss in a matter of minutes.