Change Card color

It would be nice to be able to change the color of virtual cards already created

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I was about to rise that :relieved:
Colours are nice, but I don’t want to replace cards only because of its colour. So would be nice to be able to change card colour at least once :rainbow_flag:

Hi everyone :wave: ,

Thank you for such an amazing feedback. We appreciate the time you have taken to provide your detailed point of view. :heart:

We are always trying to streamline our products, so stay tuned :rocket:

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Also, would be nice to have a LGBTQ virtual card too :rainbow_flag::star_struck:


Same here, just wanted to open a new topic for this, but found this just existing topic.

I use some virtual cards in the main colour of the assigned company, blue for Google Pay, green for Spotify, red for Netflix, orange for AliExpress and so on. On every Google Pay payment the blue card is presented on the display, but I would like to see a black card there, out of sheer vanity :grin:. Now I tried to change the card colour, but no option for this. I don’t want to create a new card for Google Pay, because the transaction history will then be lost.


Hopefully, they are working on it now, as I’m waiting for this option for many months🤞


My Brazilian traditional bank is just updating remotely their card design (old one where better) to their new flat design (just boring, without “art”).

So technically I don’t see why I couldn’t switch the virtual card color and it automatically reflect on the digital wallet (Apple Pay, Google Pay).

I don’t want to delete my gray virtual card, just switch their color, shouldn’t be too complicated.


Bunq lets you change the color of the card and it’s updated in apple wallet at least, not sure about the others.


@endernull Thank you for sharing this with us. :heart_hands:

Veda | Community Team