Change capital letters first and last name account Revolut

It would be nice to be able to change the upper and lower case letters of the first and last name associated with the revolut account


Support can freely type your name with any sort of capitalization you want, just kindly explain and be patient. I also had them optionally include my middle name in their First Name field as it is a preference of mine. Now my card has my full first middle and last name printed on it. (That’s max 20 characters on the card btw, I asked.)

I imagined that assistance could do it, but wouldn’t it be more coodo to be able to do it independently?

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Too much fraud risks to allow you to change your name on the account. It’s a legal matter and it has to be a verified name of the financial beneficiary, at least in the states.


@symmetricalboy Thank you for helping out :heart_hands:
@Benutzer Hope this helped :smiley:


It would be enough to allow only the font size to be changed, but not the font itself. After that, verification and confirmation would always have to be done by support