Change address associated with a number



I live in France but I am currently in the US and have entered my address from there (with my French phone number) to create my Revolut account. I could not open it since Revolut is not yet in the US.
How can I change my address and country?
Because right now it only says I’m on the list for when Revolut opens in the US…



Hi @salagabriel . It seems that you have opened 2 accounts, using your address in France and both French and US-based phone numbers. Do you currently have access to your french number?



I have the same problem : I am a French Resident, my permanent residency is in France but I am in the US for a year so I put my US address and didn’t know I shouldn’t. So I would like to change the address on my French phone number account to receive later the Revolut Card to link to my French account in order to pay in the US.
Could anyone help me with that ?


Hey Rob, I am having the same issue. I see that screen “I’m on the list for when Revolut opens in the US…” everytime I open the app so I cannot even change my address. Please let me know where I can change the address/country associated with my phone.


Same here! I’m from Cyprus but live temporarily in the US. I registered my Cyprus phone number with my US address and now I cannot use it. How can I change address?
(I do have access to my Cyprus mob phone number.)


Hey @Rob_B - how can we fix this - my permanent residency is in Europe but I work in Singapore and clearly only use Singapore phone number :wink: do you guys have a timeline or a way of fixing this for us?


Hi @Rob_B! Yes I have access to my French phone number and I would like to link it to my French address…


Hi @salagabriel .

Please send me a direct message so that I can make that change for you.


Hi Jessica,

I just hit “reply” and I don’t know if that’s direct message.

Do you need my French phone number and address?

Thanks again for your help


Hi I am having the exact same issue in Australia but I do not have access to my old number. Can I please have help with this issue? Thanks


Having the same issue in New Zealand! Here on working holiday and thought to put my US address since I’m mostly traveling here. Any way to change this for me? Thanks in advance!


@jessicaszabla I am facing the same issue, i registered using my Dubai address, i would like to change it to my UK one.


Hi Jessica, I see that you can help to change address associated with a phone number. I used my US address, but I am currently in the UK and can use that instead. Please can you let me know how I can change this?