Change account location/address

Hello @anon33247966 , I have got the same problem. Are you able to help me as well? Thank you

Could you drop me a DM?

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Hi! I am trying to do the same thing could you help me out!

Are you able to send me a direct message?

Hi, I am trying to send you a direct message about changing my address. I accidentally put my U.S. billing address instead of my U.K. shipping address, but I am unable to send you a direct message or I do not know how.

Thank you!

Please check your DM.

Hi @anon33247966 @anon71086934 , I Need to change my address country. How Can I send you a message? I’m Italian but I live in UK now. I need to see in the statement uk address.

If you have an account with Revolut you can contact our in-app support team :slight_smile:

hi Andreas, i tried to register with my swiss phone number and put my temporary singapore address but this does not work as revolut is not available in singapore. can i get my number unlocked and register with my swiss address instead?

Hi there. I have sent you a direct message!

Hi there, i tried to text you directly but didnt find out how to do that. Can you text me ? Its regarding a change of address . Thank you

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HI @anon33247966, could you help me out? I have the same issue. I can’t figure out how to send you a DM so could you send me one? Thanks!

I have sent you a direct message!

Hi @anon33247966, I’m facing the same issue as the others.
I tried to DM you but it seems I’m not allowed.
Could you help me out?
Thank you

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Hi @anon33247966, I have the same issue - please send me a direct message when you have a minute! Thanks very much.

In order to change the address, please contact our in-app support team and provide proof of new address.

Hi Andreas,

The app is stuck at the US queue page. I have a UK bank account and address, I’m just in the US for the next couple months. Any way to change it to my UK address so I can get a card?


Thank you for clarifying this. I have sent you a direct message.

I have the same problem, can’t send direct messages. Can you help me with this problem ?

Dear @anon33247966

Same issue as the others, I cannot contact anyone from the support team through the app nor send you a direct message.

Thank you very much if you can help me!