Change account location/address

Hi, I have signed up to be on the waitlist for Revolut in the USA. However, there are still 15k people before me so I’d like to change the address associated with my phone number to a European one. (I am european and also have a european address)

Can someone please help me with that?
I can’t get in touch with support from the app as all I see is the waitlist :frowning:

Thanks a ton

Hi Matt.

I can help you. Are you able to send me a direct message?

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I am having this same problem. I set it to my US address, but I live in France and would like to change my address to my current French address and hopefully be off the waitlist since I would like to set up the account ASAP. I’m unable to access the app though since I am on the waitlist.

Hi there. Are you an EEA resident?

Hello! I am a visa holder, living and working in France. Nationality
American, but my address and phone numbers are here in France.


Super. Could you please send me a direct message so that I can help?

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How do I send you a direct message?

Go on my profile -> Messages.

I have the same issue, how do I send you a direct message?

@anon33247966 I have the same issue Matt describes above, all I see is a waitlist and am unable to change my address

Sure, you are able now to send me a direct message.

Hello @AndreasK ,

I have been having a similar issue as Matt and all the people above. I am temporarily in USA in college, but I am originally from Greece. I used my US phone and address, but I would like to change my address to my permanent one in Greece. Could you please help me?

Thank you,

Hi @Anarent. I’m happy to help. Please send me a direct message.

I am struggling to find out how to send you a direct message. Could you please explain to me how to do it? I am sorry, I am just new in this platform. I appreciate your help! - Top right, the message button. Though it might be that it is not show to you yet, as your accounts needs to have a certain minimum age.

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Thank you! It works now after I got my certification from discobot


I am having this exact same issue. How do I direct message you @anon33247966?

I’m here for you :slight_smile: Drop me a direct message.

I would love to, but I don’t see the option to send a direct message anywhere on my dashboard.

You should be able now.