Challenge time: your funniest Revolut transfer message 🏆

Let’s face it, coming up with a good transfer message can be a chore. But sometimes, creativity strikes and the result is pure comedic gold!

That’s why we’re declaring today the ‘funniest Revolut transfer message day’! :grinning:

Here’s the challenge:

  • Dig deep into your Revolut transaction history and find the funniest, most creative, or hilariously mysterious transfer message you’ve ever typed
  • Bonus points for the most relatable, emoji-fied, or pop-culture-filled messages :medal_sports:

Drop your masterpieces in the comments below :arrow_down: The most hilarious entry will be crowned the ‘Revolut transfer message champion’ and win bragging rights, and maybe even a shoutout in the Revolut Community!

Ready, set, hilarious transfers… GO! :running_man:

Feeling uninspired? Don’t worry, as always, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few ‘Hall of Famers’ to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Mom… definitely not a new pair of :athletic_shoe:!!!
  • Dosh for the pizza & pyjamas party (adulting level 100%)
  • Questionable decisions fund (don’t ask!)
  • Future me is screaming, but thanks! :pray:t4:
  • Weekend warrior fuel (RIP wallet) :money_with_wings:

More information about transfers for UK customers can be found here. But if you live in another country, please make sure to select the country code from the drop down.

SG | Community Team

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