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How do I get a CH IBAN number associated with my Revolut account? For me this Revolut only makes sense when my Swiss clients are able to pay me in CHF using their traditional local e-banking. A Swiss IBAN number is a must to have a benefit from such an account.


Hey @mafuerst :slight_smile:

At the moment you’re not able to get a CH IBAN. However, you (or someone else) can transfer CHF to the pooled UK account as long as they include your reference number.

They are working on it, I believe. No timeframe, though.

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You can see your pooled account details with your reference code by going to Top Up–> Bank Transfer --> CHF Currency. We are working on the unique personal accounts!




Hopefully located in CH? :slight_smile:


It’s not, and the transactions are all subject to Swift fees. Therefore useless for receiving payment from clients as you will loose 6-20 Francs on each payment you receive. Revolut really needs to deliver on the CH IBAN.

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Also keep in mind that the basic Revolut product is not intended for business purposes. :wink:

I meant, the unique personal accounts Revolut is working on at the moment will hopefully be located in CH.

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Hi @Juliopp

Yes, i noticed that too, but CHF transfer will be a very expensive SWIFT transfer, not a SEPA transfer, so not a good solution.

Yep, it needs to be this. Getting money out of Switzerland in CHF without significant charges is, to put it mildly, difficult, so if Revolut is going to be a solution for people who live, work and earn in Switzerland it really needs to get a CH IBAN pronto


Transferring CHF out of Switzerland, with a combination of PostFinance+Revolut, is still dirt cheap compared to every other method, and it’s relatively fast; so I am not complaining as such.
However, a local account, like customers in the Eurozone and in the UK have for their respective currencies, would be perfect. That, plus a web interface (plus maybe free virtual cards) would make me want to subscribe to a premium package if necessary; which the current offering doesn’t. Just a suggestion.

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You can tick one thing already off the list: virtual cards are free for premium customers.

This would be absolutely great!
At the moment it’s really pity with the fees when top up the Revolut account (charged by my bank to transfer). That is the last barrier for me to use my Revolut Account eager. :slight_smile:

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Don’t! they rejected a transfer for 5000 euro coming from CH and after more than a week it has not been returned to the sender yet!

I use Transferwise for monthly transfer to Revolut from my swiss account:

With the borderless accounts you can transfer CHF to Revolt for 1 CHF.


Sure. But why would I want to. Once money is in my borderless account, I can just use TransferWise’s Debit Card.

Depending on which currency you pay in, Revolut might provide better rates.

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If they will be available for everybody…at the moment it‘s still beta and on invitation only?!

Yes, but pretty much everybody who applied for an invitation through their form is receiving it and they will be out of beta soon.

Is there any update on when we can expect CH IBAN? It seems ages ago that it was said that CH IBAN is around the corner. That must be a pretty big corner :wink: @AndreasK