CFO resigns

Telegraph is running a story that the Revolut CFO resigned earlier this week because of a compliance issue last year. Software that is supposed to highlight illegal transfers was producing too many false-positives so was switched off but the FCA was not informed

their fast growth without evidence of products maturing really scares me

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Should I take my money out of all those vaults I created :wink:

I personally experienced those false positives.


Thanks for putting the record straight, @anon33247966. It’s one thing for the media to criticise a company unfairly, but much worse for them to criticise an individual employee unfairly.


Me too. Too much between December '18 and January '19.

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I read this article.It seems :r: getting hammered in media last couple of days. Lithuanian authorities will have a hard job to regulate such a ‘bank’.


This on page 2 of the Irish Independent today. I can’t see an online link to the same story, but there is a similar one:

Without proof, it’s just a PR move. No 3rd party entity can validate those claims.

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