CEX.IO & Revolut top up does not work

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This is a question for the community.
I am selling crypto on the platform CEX.IO. We can withdraw the money on the platform (usd for me) by topping up a Mastercard. So i put the Revolut mastercard number, and the following Revolut message appears on my phone:

“Your payment was declined as we do not support this merchant”

So i contacted Revolut and they told me that it was an issue with Mastercard… but i see other person with Mastercard working well with CEX.IO.

Does anyone experiment that ? Do you know where it come from ? Is Revolut card limited in term of use ?

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Hey @ehoarau :slight_smile:

You need a 3Dsecure-enabled card to make purchases at CEX.IO, and :r:'s card are not yet :wink:

Thank you for the info, this explain it all :+1: are you sure it is about the 3Dsecure ? And one question to understand : why ?
Thanks a lot

Hey @ehoarau :slight_smile:

Please note that we accept only 3D-Secure cards.

A successfully 3D Secure authenticated transaction will protect against fraud related chargeback reason codes.

[For Revolut] It’s on the roadmap, but not in the immediate future.
We’ll keep you posted once we have updates!

Thank you i understand. I am a bit disappointed by revolut to tell you the truth, i join just for this… I read neteller are accepted on CEX.IO. I will have to create a neteller virtual account.

Thank you for your reply.

Hey @ehoarau :slight_smile:

:r: is, IMHO, not meant to be just a bridge between you and other financial services, but a replacement to your bank account (or maybe a complement) with lots of features to offer :wink:

I understand and i would be happy to have a multi currency account, but if i cannot top up money from crypto account… there are still ways to go before becoming a real bank, but ok :slight_smile:


You need a 3Dsecure-enabled card to make purchases at CEX.IO, and :r:'s card are not yet :wink:

Revolut cards are indeed capable of 3D Secure. It just passes with OK, so you must be fast to spot the redirect happening to the ACS :wink:

Last time I checked with someone who had a gateway with sagepay, the premium Mastercard returned U (unable to verify enrollment), @emil. I don’t have a big knowledge on this topic, though.

Would you mind elaborating on your answer? :smile:

@Juliopp The cards are indeed 3D Secure enabled. But you as the cardholder just don’t see the 3D Secure verification page (ACS) where you need to enter a verification code etc. as the Revolut cards just passes 3D Secure without user (cardholder) interaction.

I used my Revolut card multiple places that enforces 3D Secure without problems. If you look closely when making the payment, you can see that you are redirected to the 3D Secure server (ACS) but the payment is instantly confirmed so you just get redirected.

I understand. My problem is just that on CEX.IO platform i cannot register my Revolut card , and then the following message appears on the phone :

Your payment was declined as we currently do not support this merchant.

If it is due to 3dsecure environment, can you please tell me when you think this problem can be resolved ? Because actually, impossible to register the Revolut card (but easy to register my Boursorama Visacard, and others peoples to register the Mastercard).

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@ehoarau It is not due to 3D Secure. There is simply just some merchants that Revolut cards does not support, include financial services.

Why not just make an SEPA transfer?

Because transfer on CEX.IO take between 2 and 60 days, when cards top up take only 3 days.
In this case, may i ask Revolut to accept this merchant ?

Hey @emil :slight_smile:

Excuse my stubbornness, but I’m still trying to understand this.

Apart from this, a Santander Elavon payment gateway fails 3Dsecure payments for :r: cards either because the card is not enrolled or because the authentication is not done even though the issuing bank confirms the authorization…

Anyway… the point is that some website such as CEX.IO and Revolut do not work together.
Then, how do you want Revolut to appear as a normal bank to costumer if the card is not accepted everywhere ? Please find a solution.

Is revolute just blocking merchants they see as competition? If so that’s really not on. It’s bad enough that this service is riddled with bugs and outages, but then to intentionally stop customers from using perfectly legal vendors.

FYI - Monzo work fine with cex.

Revolut have applied for a license, but are technically not a bank.