Certification of money


If you send, say so 20’000.00 Euros from your own Bank account to REVOLUT what happens?
In my case the money received after two days. The money was booked in but the statement was “Transaction” after two days it still was on “Transaction” so I called the help desk.
Now they told me I have to clearyfy from where I got the money.
I my case I got it from my mum. :slight_smile:
I had to send REVOLUT the a legal print that they see that booking. So I sent the Bank print of the booking to my account. Then they wanted a next print where thay also see the name of the person hoo did send you the money. Okay next print of the next bank advice of the booking money with my Mum’s name on it. After that they wanted a statement from where my Mum got the money from. I told REVOLUT that my Mum has the money from hear savings out of hear retirement money. After that REVOLUT wanted to see the legal income papers from my Mum’s retirement money from where she got the money from.
I sent the approvals of two different Swiss Bank’s that was not enough!


With what you did you triggered all alarm bells.
All transactions above €15.000 need to be reported and investigated. Instead of using a normal bank you choosed to use a e-money company which make it more fraudulent suspicious. Conform EU LAW :r: have to investigate this transaction and will ask you for any document they need.


Hello Michiell

That means, I shell send money in three parts, allways 10‘000.00 US$
then it is no problem?
Best regards Ronald


Hey @rpfaendler :slight_smile:

No. Sending $10.000 three times will be as suspicious (if not more) as sending $30.000 at once :thinking:

If the money is legal (I assume it is), just provide your bank/entity (:r: in this case) with the required information and you should not have (and most probably will not have) any kind of problems, as it’s your own money and you’re free to move it :smile:


I did send several Doc with the Revolut App.
Shall I send them one more with the replay to this email?

`Best regards Ronald