CDW/LDW and / or CDW/LDW excess insurance for the above premium users

Hello guys. Cause there aren’t any specific threads about CDW/LDW insurances I decided to open a new thread about CDW/LDW and / or CDW/LDW excess insurance.

There are some rumours that Revolut will launch an above Premium segment for their customers e.g. “Revolut Platinum”. So what would be more fine than to include a CDW/LDW or at least a CDW/LDW excess insurance for them?

If one look closer to the competior ner from Berlin, “N26 GmbH”, they already launched their so called “N26 Metal” above premium segment and their monthly fee is roughly about 15 EUR equals to 180 EUR yearly.

For german customers for whom a CDW/LDW insurance is quite a nice to have with their credit card the DKB AG offers with their “Miles and More Credit Card World Plus” a CDW insurance covering up to 75.000 EUR for a yearly fee of 110 EUR. In case that one is a Lufthansa HON Circle Member coverage is up to 100.000 EUR.

Same basic coverage of up to 75.000 EUR offers the german AmEx platinum card for a quite higher yearly fee.

And what about the choice for a flexible upgrade of the coverage?

For example a basic coverage of 50.000 EUR is included in the yearly “Revolut Platinum” fee that is still tba? And if one needs a higher coverage of for example 75.000 EUR or 100.000 EUR the customer pays a one time yearly fee of in additon for example 25 EUR or 50 EUR?

Revolut Premium customers already have this kind of upgrade possibility whithin their health insurance. Basic coverage is included in the premium fee and additional wintersport coverage must be payed on top.

Or what about an CDW/LDW excess insurance coverage of up to for example 5.000 EUR which is included in the “Revolut Platinum” fee and a supplemental CDW/LDW insurance must be payed on top?

At least one basic thing: All the ideas about CDW/LDW insurance is quite useless until major car rentals like Sixt, Avis, Hertz, etc. pp. don’t refuse the upcoming >Revolut Platinum< “credit” or better “debit” cards.

Maybe Revolut can talk to the major car rentals, that the Revolut BINs could be whitelisted?

In my experience I still had no trouble luckywise with Sixt and debit cards, not prepaid cards, to rent a car. As long as the funds are sufficent for the approval although Sixt all the times communicate that they will not accept any debit cards.