'Catch 22' problem + in app support chat keep crashing


Downloaded the app earlier today.

Tried topping up using my debit card (UK), and got a message that my address doesn’t match the one on my bank account. Even though I copied to the letter the address from my bank statement. (so not sure what’s the problem here).

It then offered me to top up using a different method -> bank transfer. I thought great, i’ll sort the bank card thing later and was all to happy to transfer money from my account (UK again), only to find out that in order to get a sort code and account number, I need to first verify my identity, the only way to do that is to top up using my debit account. So I ended up exactly where I started. Why put me through an extra step only for me to face the problem that I started with?

When I tried to use the in app chat to report the problem and seek help, I got a reply (From human, during working hours) but now every time I enter the chat the app crashes. So can’t actually read the reply I got, very frustrating!

Will give you the benefit of the doubt but was initially very excited and now not so impressed.

Did anyone encounter something similar? Or can give me the email/chat of the support team? (cannot use the in app support, as it keeps crashing the app).



Hey @Aviv :slight_smile:

If the in-app support keeps crashing, report the problem (with your phone model, os version) and then try to solve your problem, through an alternative channel. My personal recommendation is Twitter. It’s fast and convenient:



Hi there. Could you please try to verify your account first?


How do I do that (without using a debit card?)

I also just got off the phone with my bank, and the address I entered is exactly correct.


Where/to who do I report it?


Go Profile section ->Verifications & limits :slight_smile:


Yes, but that section says:
“To verify your identiy, top up your account using a bank card or a bank account in your name”.

–> Where my bank card doesn’t work (as resolute can’t seem to get my address right, even after Ive checked with my bank).
–> AND, in order to use my bank account, I first need to get a sort code& account number, that you can only get by topping up first using a card.

Which is what I said to begin with…

Any further suggestions?


You should be able to verify your account manually now.