Cashback in UK stores...


Hello everybody. I have another question, which may be relevant more in the UK…

In UK stores it is often allowed for a card user to take a cash sum along with their purchases. My question is, would this be permitted with the Revolut prepaid card and if so, can that facility be blocked? Thanks. M.


Hello @neemic,

It shouldn’t be an issue as long as you have sufficient funds it.

Practically, the merchant only charges you extra & gives you back cash.


Thanks. In fact I actually want to prevent any form of cash withdrawals on the card. I have disabled ATM withdrawals but cannot think of a way to prevent cashback…


Can you get cash back via a Revolut card then? I’ve never tried but am surprised this works if so


You make a good point because I’ve never tried either! :slight_smile:

I don’t know how common prepaid cards are, and I’d be surprised if shopkeepers pay very much attention as long as the transaction succeeds.

I might ask at my local shop…

Thanks. M.


getting cash back as a payment wouldnt it be NOT using the limit of ATM cash withdrawal?


No, as the money is debited as a regular POS transaction.


exactly what i said :slight_smile:


Ah ok, didn’t quite realize that :wink:


So, do we know it for sure? Somebody had the opportunity to check it?