Cashback higher + Rounded money in stocks options

Hello everybody,

2 new ideas for Revolut :slight_smile:

1/ The cashback could be higher (3%) if the payment has been made outside Europe and if the user makes a payment in coffee shop, restaurant or hotel. (The New Néobank Vivid offers that) , it is pretty cool

2/ Rounded Monney could be invested in stock options rather than staying in the account.
I mean the user could have the choice the choose where the rounded money can go (account or stock options).
I would be very cool :+1:

Have a great day



Hey !

These are two good ideas, so it’s really my personal opinion in no way I agree or disagree with his ideas just I share my opinion.

For the first idea, which is a higher CashBack depending on the location, with the argument that another bank offers it, you have to know that Revolut will offer services that other banks don’t offer and vice versa, it’s normal so the other bank must have disadvantages that Revolut doesn’t have. It’s true that 1% is rather low but if this is the choice Revolut has made, it’s for good reasons I think.

Then, for the automatic transfer of the CashBack it would be possible (I don’t work at Revolut, just I think it’s possible) but it depends on the system, because currently there is a dedicated safe for that, which makes it possible not to mix everything but it’s still a good idea even if I personally try to keep the CashBack to pay the Metal subscription at Revolut (that’s why, as a Metal customer, the limit is the subscription price).

To conclude, these are two innovative ideas but not necessarily essential since the first one is more an increase of an already existing service.

And the second one is still a really innovative system but it is possible to do it yourself since CashBack is not really intended for that and that’s my opinion but the sums are not very important for investment.

It’s still a very good job
Thanks to you and sharing
Hoping that my opinion will be constructive and useful.
Have a nice day

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