Cash Withdrawals ATM, UK. Europe. Worldwide.

I read many times that the Maximum withdrawal one can make is £200. Per MONTH!!!
I also heard one can withdraw £5000. per DAY…

Well, I know you can’t get Five grand from an ATM.

Can anyone enlighten me as to the Cash withdrawal limits daily and if ‘That’ limit is worldwide?

There is a monthly limit for free ATM withdrawals, which depends on your price plan. For Standard users, the limit is £200, for Premium it’s £400 and for Metal it’s £600; and yes I believe this applies worldwide. Of course you can still withdraw cash beyond these limits, however a 2% fee will be applied to each withdrawal.

Thank you Burns, £200. Per month is ridiculous,
Even £600 for their Metal.

It should be (at least) £250😎 daily.

£250 daily is a lot of cash, which doesn’t align with Revolut’s claim to be “leading the cashless revolution” - see ‘Revolut CTO predicts cashless societies by 2030’, which is a very interesting article by @Rob_B.

Remember that you can withdraw £250 per day (at interbank rates) if you wish, but the 2% fee will apply.

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Thanks for your assistance.

£200 if your account is UK based. Otherwise much lower. Like only £150 for non EUR accounts, RON for example.

150 GBP while is advertised as 200… :cry: