Cash withdrawal in Liverpool?


Hi all,

Very soon, I will spend some days visiting Liverpool, Chester and Manchester.

I have my Revolut card charged with euros (I’m from Soain), but if I want to get pounds in any ATM in UK, do I have to exchange those euros to GBP using the Revolut app? Or should I leave it in Euros and let Revolut make the conversion when I go to and ATM?

Besides, does anyone know any ATM in Liverpool which doesn’t charge any fee for withdrawing GBP with the Revolut card?

Thanks in advance!!


@mithcc You do not have to exchange the funds into GBP in the app beforehand. The exchange will happen automatically for you at the time you use the card at the ATM. However, if you do see a favorable rate in the app that you’d like to take advantage of, feel free to make the exchange prior! Up to you. Make sure at the ATM you treat the card like a local currency card, and don’t ask the ATM to make any conversions for you because then you’ll miss out on our rates.


Thanks for your quick reply Larysa.

But the exchange rate using the “exchange” feature of the app, is the same as the rate that Revolut would apply in the ATM?


two things:

  • make sure you choose UK pounds when withdrawing and not euros
  • make sure it’s a FREE WITHDRAW machine, since some have a few quid fees.

other than that, no need to worry about your money on your revolut

PS: keep in mind that during weekends, revolut as a 0.5% fee on exchages


Yes, in principle, it is the “same” rate. In quotation marks, because it fluctuates and there is a difference between buy and sell.

As far as I know, Revolut always uses the rate at the time of the transaction (ATM withdrawal, or exchange within the app … ), compared to “traditional” cards, that use the rate at the time of the settlement, sometimes days after the transaction.