Cash withdrawal in Brasil

Hi, is Brazilian a supported curreny? I mean, is it free to withdraw 200€ of Brazilian reais?

As far as there won’t be surcharge- yes.

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I confirm. Used my Revolut card a few times in Brazil recently (Bradesco ATMs), and there was no additional cost.

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Thanks you for the answers, guys!

Hi all,
Are there other ATM which Revolut works in Brazil? I went to Caixa and the ATM machine didn’t even recognise the card. I’m trying Banco do Brasil next, fingers crossed. But wondering if anyone had a similar experience.

in January Bradesco worked for me without any problems

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@Karol - And were there any local fees? (ie, charged by the ATM itself)

No, no fees at all. Charged exactly the amount of BRL that I took from ATM.