Cash withdrawal fees UK

More and more Link cash machines are charging fee now.
Local ATM at petrol station used to be completely free, but now there is 3.99£ fee and show Dynamic currency conversion…
Shows USD for aome reason.

Have expierenced it like 3-4 times and different cash machines.

My Starling works ok , no fee.

Good at least transfers between bank accounts are quick and withdraw from different bank account.

Weird , since i’m based in UK and hold only GBP.
Used to be metal customer, now only standard.
But i still have fee free allowance which i checked prior…

Is anyone having same troubles??

The same is happening to me, it seems that they are changing from USD but my account is in GBP and they charge me 3,99£ to get cash!
Have you manage to fix it??

Good luck,


Hi there I signed up today because I’m having the same problem. Random cash withdrawals showing in USD, adding an exchange fee before adding the withdrawal fee. This means it costs over £12 to withdraw £100.
The chat line person insists I must be abroad and should opt for local currency but of course that is not an option when in the UK.
More often than not, it is when using an RBS machine - is Scotland regarded as a foreign country from England even though our registration is the UK?

Without getting into possible future scenarios, you may rest assured that for the time being England and Scotland are considered one, that is not the problem.

I suspect there is an issue following Revolut’s move to Lithuania, however, if they are aware of it they are not doing anything to solve it. I am in Italy and have seen similar behaviour on-line, I was paying in euro on an Italian site and for some inexplicable reason Banca Sella firstly tried to get me to pay in dollars with an extremely unfavourable rate (I had more than enough euro to cover the transaction) and then refused the payment altogether although it seems to be because it has blacklisted Lithuania and thus Revolut has been blacklisted.

Revolut, please look into these issues and do something, too often the agent is not taking the customer’s complaint seriously when there really is something wrong.