Cash withdrawal exchange fees?!


I am in france. I have cashed out and the money was withdrawn from my pounds account instead of euros at a really bad exchange rate. Is this normal? I was expecting the euros account to be credited instead.


Hello @svedas :slight_smile:

Were you offered to “convert currency” by the ATM?
If so, that’s a process called DCC (+info on Dynamic Currency Conversion) and the ATM has the power here. :atm::money_with_wings:

You should always choose to be charged without conversion or in the local currency :wink:

However, if you were not offered this option and the ATM decided to go for it by itself, get in touch with the :r: in-app support team to see if they can help and, in the worst of the cases, raise a chargeback (but hopefully not :wink:)

Morocco end up using my EUR account and not my MAD

Thanks for the info was not aware of this DCC thing. Tried another ATM later and everything worked fine. So I’m guessing you might be right. Next time I will be more careful with what the ATM messages say.