Cash withdraw abroad (Italy)

I have a question about using the card to take cash out in Italy. I withdrew €50 from my Revolut account at a cashpoint in Syracuse today. Once the transaction was complete I saw that my account was debited with €55.95 (by Cash at Largo Xxv Luglio 15). As I understand the extra €5.95 was charged by the bank that the cashpoint was attached to? Is there a way to avoid transaction fees like this when I withdraw money from my Revolut account while abroad?
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Some ATM’s charge and some don’t- IIRC someone here starred a list of those that offer free withdrawals.

Maybe see if this is of any help

If there is fees, normally ATM should inform you prior withdrawal. Did it not happen?

Many thanks for the answer. Unfortunatly, the link is dead.

No, it happened. I had no other option because I needed a cash.
I’d like just to avoid additional ATM fees in future.

Try this, maybe.

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Dear Laurenz_L,
Thank you for the link.
Sorry, is it ok if this is a Mastercard ATM Locator, not Visa? I’ve got Visa Revolut card…

Well, same here:


Thank you very much Laurenz_L

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