Cash transfer time

I need to send some money to someone in the EU within 24 hours. Which method is best?

If they are behind the times and don’t have a Revolut account, an ordinary bank account should still be okay?

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@andyredz that’s taken 3 to 5 days in the past. it’s a one off payment so I don’t want to have to sign up to premium to get turbo transfers

Within 24 hours might be difficult now. I am not sure until when Revolut processes SEPA transfers, but as it is already half past four in London, it might be it will only be processed tomorrow and should show up on Friday or because of the weekend Monday the latest.

If the beneficiary has a Revolut account - as Andrew mentioned - it should be immediate on the other hand.

Btw you can use turbo transfers without premium, but you have to pay a small fee.

Does that actually apply to SEPA transfers?

Yea, did that couple of times, and my colleauge did it too.

Really, for SEPA within the EU? How fast was it?

Thanks. Friday is when it is needed by. So only if they have a Revolut account, no other way?

Depending on whether Revolut still sends it today or only tomorrow it might arrive at some point between tomorrow and Monday. I guess there is no guarantee for Friday though. You could also try the expedited transfer Mark mentioned, though I thought this only applied to SWIFT transfers and not SEPA (we are talking about euro here, right?).

If they have a Revolut account it would be certainly faster as there wouldnt be a bank transfer involved in the first place but the money would move internally.

Took up to 2 days but mostly 1.
To a Hungarian IBAN and a German one

Thats the usual time, its not faster :slight_smile:

Regular transfer takes (for me) 2-3 days
I’ve paid around 0.05€ for the turbo on ~430€ transfer.

Hi, yes euros. I didn’t know I could use a turbo transfer as a one-off, how do I access that? Is that guaranteed 24 hours?

You mean from Revolut to a SEPA account, right?

That should never take up to three days, by SEPA clearing rules that has to be within one working day after it was processed. Weekends would be a different story of course.

What’s a SEPA account?

Where do you want to send it to and in what currency?

To Spain in euros. I have added the beneficiary details but don’t see an option for turbo transfer.

I have sent them a revolut link, hopefully they will accept that.

Alright, that would be a SEPA transaction then. If you send it today it should be wired the latest tomorrow and arrive by Friday. No guarantees though :slight_smile:

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