Cash money to the account


I travel at the moment in London and I want to know is here any chance to get cash money to the account?

I have an German account and I am here in London now and I want to put 350£ on it.

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Not sure I understand what you are asking - but if it is to ask if you can pay cash into your Revolut account then the answer is no I’m afraid.

What about using a post to do that? In Czech rep. you can sent cash by post to your account for small fee.

That’s a different question, though. Post might be willing to take the cash and then send it via local transfer to any UK account.

(That’s how one still was able to exchange old 1 GBP coins when banks would not accept them anymore. Officially, UK Post’s website said sth. like “we can send funds to your Highstreet Bank account”. So Revolut is not quite Highstreet, but it might be an option.)

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but companies like N26, Fidor etc. u can make cash desposits from every local supermarket etc. and is very easy… but here crazy drama… now i have 350pounds and i want it on my account… i travel in london at the moment… i dont have any local account here… so how i can bring now the money to my account in london?

They are relying on a local German service provider for this and it works only in Germany. As soon as there is a company offering this all over the EU, I guess Revolut would be interested in it. :wink:

Officially, Revolut does not support account top ups with cash.