Cash back in Australian supermarket

Today I tried a cash back in a coles supermarket un Australia. There was no problem to pay the shopping with the Revolut card, but cash back wasn’t possible.

I don’t know how cash back exactly works. I thought they just add it to the check and give you the cash, but looks like the card must have something special all be enabled for this transactions.

Any experience in this?

As far as I remember, Revolut cards can’t be used for cash back. This service is excluded. It should be mentioned somewhere in the Help Center / T&C. I remember having read it, but I can’t provide a link, unfortunately.

(If a merchant does this correctly, they use a different code for these transactions. Some banks handle cash backs / cash advances differently from regular card payments.)


AFAIK Revolut doesn’t offer service called “cashback”. You can withdraw money only using ATM.

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Cashback (withdrawal at the POS terminal at stores, banks, post offices…) is not supported by Revolut. There was previously mention of this in the FAQ but not anymore. You can only get a confirmation of this if you chat with support, but cash withdrawal at POS terminals is definitely not supported.