Cards with details on the rear


When verifying a new card, some cards that put everything on the rear, are not recognised.
I have a Virgin Money credit card (example pictured below) that makes use of a front-facing design that has meant all details are on the back instead. The 16 digit number, expiry, name and CVC code are all on the back.

This means that using the camera to verify the card will not work, as it does not recognise the details on the back of the card.


Hi @jtaylor69,

That’s not a problem as we can do the card verification manually. If you have the 4 digit code appears on you bank statement (eg. Revolut1234), then contact our support team se we can help you.


I don’t think having the cvc and the cardnumber at the same site is good. Then you only have to get a picture of one site to shop online


Thanks @AndreasK
@ToVo: That’s a very good point, but luckily I keep it stowed away and only use it when I really need to, as I use my debit card for 99% of payments.


Amex CVC is on the front side along with card number, expiry date and name. But I agree that it does not sound very safe