Cards declined, Account Blocked, No support


Good Afternoon… Who? Support? Or no revolut staff on here?

As a new user to Revolut i’ve had a larger limit agreed on my account and paid for Premium as i expected i will be sending my salary through Revolut however after the events yesterday i have to ask myself if i can trust you guys.

Im currently working in Greece and was following the issues you were having yesterday on twitter (Read… one post, very vague) and was happy to see that card transactions were working again by the time i needed to use it.

This was the first time i’d used my Premium card as i’d just received it the day before.

So skip forward an hour or two, tried using the card in an ATM, declined. Tried another, declined. I had read that people had seen the money leave their account even though they didn’t get any so i tried to look at the app.

Upon opening the app i’m shown a lovely message that my account has been blocked and i should contact support. After 4 hours (wasn’t that bothered, i had other reliable cards to use (Which ill be sending the receipts for as you’ve said you will reimburse the difference)) I was contacted by Marcin (is it a real person?)

I only ask as all i got from him was 2 copy and pasted replies with 0 helpful content. He even suggested i should contact them tomorrow (Is that how premium 24/7 support works?)

So now roll forward 18 hours i’ve had no reply and my support messages are simply falling into oblivion with no reply or even a hint that they are been seen at all.

I understand every new company has issues but these issues are severe when a “bank” can’t provide the core service they say they will offer but then do not take steps to help people who’ve had issues?

I truly feel sorry for people who rely on these cards and something must be done to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Id appreciate if there is any revolut staff on here to unlock my DM’s and send me a message so we can get this resolved.


Hello @Urbanpixels :slight_smile:

I’m not from the staff but I think and hope I might be able to help with some things :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You’re a new user in the forum. As you made your first post already, you’ll gain rights to DM people at 05:00 GMT.

These events are unfortunately more common that they should. They’re happening at a (lowering) rate of around once every 6 months :frowning:
You’re advised to keep a backup card with you (as with any other card) and :r: is always refunding the extra FX costs incurred during the outages :ok_hand:

The issue was intermittent and lasted until a few hours ago :frowning:
It should be completely fixed now :raised_hand:

This is a normal KYC procedure, and it will happen in any bank (generally only once or when suspicious movements take place) :slight_smile:
However, you had the misfortune of being locked out when this technical incident took place, therefore making it almost impossible to reach the support team as it was overflooded :persevere:

I’m sure that, like other times, they’re working on this :+1:

My personal advice:

  • If you need urgent unlocking, reach them through Twitter or DM @AndreasK when you’re able to send them.
  • If you’re not in a hurry, wait a few days and give the support team members a chance :slight_smile:


Thanks to Zuzanna who has unlocked my account!

Just a shame it took so long, i hope there is no problems like this in future!


Absolutely the same for me. Account is blocked ans it seems like nobody is even bothering…;(

@AndreasK, any advice?


The same has happened to me, I’m using Revolut as my main card in Kenya at the moment. This is making life quite difficult…


Apologies for the long wait, as I can see your account is fully active.


Sorry to hear that! I can see that you have managed to unlock your account by verifying it!


Dear Andreas, I have been waiting for 3 hours for someone to unblock my account. My card was denied and account blocked when I tried to book a flight. What should I do??