Cardholder name printed on card, but not electronically stored on card



in August 2017 I booked and payd online a rental car for Miami without problems using my Revolut MasterCard with my name printed on it.
But when I wanted to pickup the car and let block the security amount on my card the lady at the counter told me, that this will not work, cause my name is printed on the card, but not electronically stored on the card. She also showd me my credit card information on her computer and I saw, that there was all my card details on her computer, but the name field was blank.
So I had to use a credit card of a „traditional“ bank and it worked without problems with that one.

Are you aware of that problem?
Why do you print the name on the card, but do not store it electronically on the card? I think that would solve that problem and one could use the Revolut card for letting block security amounts.


Hi there.

Card rentals usually accept only credit cards, not prepaid cards


I know, but that was not the problem. The lady did not even try to use my card, she just did read out the data and she said, that she can’t use that card, cause the name is not electronically stored on it.
So why don’t you store the name on the card like other cards do?


This might be different, though. Once a card rental guy is convinced to give it a try, it usually works if funds for the security deposit are sufficient.

Here’s a question: with my first non-contactless Revolut card, I vaguely remember that POS terminals did show my name? With my new cards (Wirecard premium and VISA), the POS terminals show “/PERSONALIZED” where my name should be. Is that the “missing” cardholder name @mensa was referring to?

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Mine was a contactless MasterCard (non premium).


Most likely it is.
I’m not aware of any Revolut card regardless of what issuer that does have the real name on the Chip or Magstripe.

For my old non-contactless cards the cardholder name is stored as “/NA”, all other ones show - regardless of issuer or type -

That might have thrown off the car rental person. It may or may not be related to the “prepaid” issue because yes it’s rather typical for prepaid cards sold at gas stations in the US to not have the name stored on it (for obvious reasons) and she might have indirectly come to the conclusion that she cannot accept it because they perhaps only accept credit cards.

But that’s all guessing, if the original poster writes a nice E-Mail to the company and asks, we’ll be enlightened :wink: Otherwise we will never know if that was the issue or just the girl being confused and not knowing what she does.


I believe it should be technically possible to update a card holders name. Some details stored on the card can be updated, like the PIN. But I am not certain if that is true for the name.


While it’s technical possible to change some of the EMV chip’s data via issuer scripts, this cannot really be used to change basic card data like the card number, expiration date or cardholder name as long as magstripe is still in use - because the data is also on there and that cannot be changed remotely - let alone the printed/embossed stuff on the card itself. Hence, no, not an option :wink:


But why not do this just for new cards if it helps for acceptance?