Card was disabled after travel to US


I used my Revolut card successfully at Manchester Airport Thurday 11 May. The next time I used the card, two days later, in the US it was declined at a POS reader. I got a notification later to say the card was disabled and I should re-enable it in the app, which I did and then I was able to use the card.
I don’t have location security enabled as it has been unreliable for me in the past.
My question is why did this happen?


@beeare It sounds like our security system recognised some high risk transactions occurring abroad and disabled the card for your safety. But like you mentioned, you can always enable it in the app if the charges are being made by you!


Thanks for your reply.
It was not a high risk transaction, I was buying coffee at a convenience store I have used many times with the Revolut card.
So what security system blocked my card?

BTW I paid with my Monzo card, which worked ok.


Maybe location based security?

(Not having it activated makes it maybe harder for the system to reliably assess the risk. Even oldschool credit cards sometimes are blocked when the system detects payments in different locations.)


It could be. I have tried to use the location based security previously when I have travelled to the US and the card did not work at all. If I remember correctly Revolut support had to fix it for me. I thought the location based security would work on the basis of the card and phone being in the same place that but doesn’t work. I might turn it on and see what happens.

⁣Brian Roberts


Yes, I believe that is how it works. It might be affected if data roaming is deactivated, but I remember having read somewhere that the feature does not depend exclusively on an active internet connection.


My data roaming is off while in the US.
I will turn on the location based security and see what happens.


Silly question, your phone does connect to a US carrier, right? It’s not completely in flight mode or something.


There is no such thing as a silly question! The phone is connected to a US carrier but I have the data roaming off to save cost. You can pick up WiFi here almost any where. Having said that, when the card was declined I was not on WiFi, but the card always worked at this location previously.

⁣Brian Roberts


I can’t remember exactly what I did but I definitely was connected to a couple of WIFIs and checked the account balance before I used the card after arriving in the US.


So I turned on the location based security. I have been in the US for two weeks so is my phone and card. The next time I used the card it was declined again! When I checked the app the card had been disabled. I re-enabled the card and have used it successfully today. The location based security clearly does not work or it is designed such that when its enabled the card doesn’t work.


@beeare The security system generally tries to recognise any transactions that it deems suspicious and then can disable the card. This can be triggered by many factors, as we try to prevent fraud. Like you mentioned, you can enable it again in the app under the Cards tab if this should happen! Apologies for any inconvenience.


That is not what I thought location based security was. I have learned on here from Revolut people that the location based security is supposed to protect users from fraud if a transaction occurs in a different location to the phone/cardholder. That has not worked for me, as described earlier in the thread. It is not only inconvenient to have the card declined at the POS , but it is also somewhat embarrassing.
So two points:-
I won’t use the location based security again because it doesn’t work.
When I travel to the US I will expect my card to be declined and disabled.


Hi Larysa, how comes Revolut allowed 98 fraudulent transactions on my card then? What happened to your security system?