Card verification -- why the photo?


Hi. I was just going to verify my card by looking up the reference code on my banking statement.

Upon which Revolut asks for camera permissions and throbs waiting for a photo of the card.


What is all that for anyway? If I have all the card info AND I have access to the bank statements, what possible doubt could there be as to whether I actually posses the card?

I’m curious – simply don’t see the point or where the added security is. If someone stole the card, they’d have the numbers, but not the online banking access. So that’s the added security. Having both the physical card and the numbers is meaningless.

Also – given that card can be used for transferring money even before it is verified, what is the point of verification? I’m lazy and annoyed to take more photos so I just won’t do it. What additional benefit do I have from doing it?

Don’t take this comment as hostile please – I am genuinely curious why all these steps that seem pointless.


Hello @Croato,

Verifying your top up card lets us know that the debit card used to add money to your Revolut account is your own. We advice all of customers to do this on the app to help ensure your Revolut experience is as frictionless as possible.