Card verification problem


I have received the four digit code in the latest pop-up from my card. I enter the code and then scan my card. After do it I receive a code or card error message. I’ve tried It three times but It doesn’t work.
I’m in the process of requesting the revolut card andI have sent you my identity card and photo through the app. I need help to finish the process.


Hi everyone
Any answers? Someone help me please?


Hello @leirbag.

Thank you for you patience. As I can you haven’t successfully topped up your account, you have only linked your card to your account.

To be able to confirm your card you will need to top up an amount, so you will find the right 4 digit code on your online banking.


Hi AndresK thank you for your answer!!
I already toped up 10 € but in my account there was only a charge of 1 € with the corresponding 4 digit code that I entered to validate my card but didn’t work. I think this 1€ charge is the commission for poping up with credit card but i don’t know what happened with others 9€
What do you think …I try It again?


As I can see the top up has been reverted back. The 1€ is only for pre authorisation, and it will return back to your bank account.


Hi again and thanks for answering
Then, its all ok or I need to pop up 10€ again to confirm my card
When confirm my card you will send me the revolut card or I have to do something else
Thanks a lot.


You don’t need to wait until you confirm your card to get a Revolut card, you can just to order a card once you have money in.


I have already pop up 10€ to my account then I’ll receive the revolut card un a few days, its ok?


Hi @leirbag,

To order a card go to the “Card” section of the app, where you can choose between standard or express delivery. :slight_smile:


Hi Andreask
I’ve ordered the card, all ok
I hope to receive It quickly and that It works fine.
Thanks for all
Great support, Andreask


Hello again
I already received my card and everything ok
But I am trying to link my credit card to my account with the 4 digit code and it is impossible the scanning process fail.
Is there any method to do this?.


I had this problem too! You can contact the in-app support and tell them about it, they will verify it for you :smiley: You can also reach support on Twitter (@RevolutApp) or Revolut’s Facebook page ( )


Hi c0stin, thanks for reply
I have tried contact in-app support but I have no replies


Try it out on Twitter/Facebook! They answer much faster there :slight_smile:


I no longer use social networks sorry
I’ll wait that Andreask or someone replys


You can click on @AndreasK 's profile and message him from there :slight_smile:


No need to worry at the moment. We can confirm the card manually. Please send in the in-app chat a statement of your card where we can see the top us to Revolut and your address.


How can I see the 4 digit code in online banking if the access is restricted? I want to contact the support and it appears offline?


Then you have to talk to your bank that has issued the card you are trying to top up with. Usually they can give you the 4 digit code straight away on the phone.


I didnt do a top up, I received payment from another account and now I am
asked to present the 4digit code of the latest top up, what should I do?