Card Verification Issue


Good Morning,

Pulling this up as I’ve raised this issue under Support but received no response as yet.
I was notified of it having been escalated around 5:30 this morning.

I was having issues verifying one of my attached cards (The Revolut verification code was not visible in neither online statements, nor downloaded statements), which I managed to resolve through calling my bank and having them give me the details over the phone.

However, I’m having the same issue with another of my cards- but neither the bank, nor myself can locate the Revolut verification code in this case. Is there some other form of verification I can use for the card in question?




You might have to wait until a pending payment is reflected. This method uses “real” top ups. So these payments will show up eventually. They have to. It is the same method Paypal uses to verify cards. I do not think that there is another option here. Support might be able to skip this and verify your card manually, but I am not sure about this.


Thanks for the prompt response Frank. Problem is that the payment has already come through, there’s already a completed payment shown on the statement- it just doesn’t have a Revolut code indicated in it anywhere…


Hm, then it seems your banks are “hiding” it from you. My bank, on the other hand, shows it twice. :no_mouth:

It’s labeled “beneficiary details” and looks like this:

So it seems to be “just” the name of the merchant.


Nothing to worry about. Support can help you verify your card manually, by providing a bank statement where we can see the top up to Revolut and your name.


Thanks Andreas! I’ve sent you through a message.
And thank you for trying to help out, Frank!