Card Verification Camera


Hi, i add a credict card, i put 10 €, but now the app would verify my credict card, mi credict card have in one side my name and in the other side the card number, and i can’t. I can’t go to chat because always return to verify yor card screen. I need Help!

I put my card but i can’t verify now. ANd can’t cgo to he chat screen too.

Are there chat in the web, too?



@Germantg Are you locked out of the app and it’s requesting you verify the card? Or is this just something you wish to do yourself? Our in app support hours are 12-6 UKT today due to the holidays. But we can always manually verify the card for you if you need it verified. This is not mandatory to top up the account however, unless there is an issue with security.


I can’t do nothing because when i start the app go to verify my credict
card. I try it with camera and i can’t. Because mi card is diferent, it has
the name in the other side that numbers. I need a virtual card but now i am
block in the app.


I see, I will send you a private message so we can resolve this.


I have the same problem, my name and number is on different sides please respond im worried because im not used to not opening my account so please