Card use in Myanmar (Burma)

I will be travelling to Myanmar later this year. Has anyone used the card in Myanmar, in ATM or for goods and services? Any problems?


Our card supports MMK, make sure you use ATMs that have the MasterCard logo on it.

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Thank you Andreas. I will stick to MasterCard ATMs and also carry some USD currency with me. I would prefer to stick to foreign banks for the ATMs. Are there any in Myanmar?

I’m in Yangon at the moment- tried 2 different ATMs (including KBZ which is meant to be quite reliable) which didn’t work, but CB (Cooperative Bank) did work. I would bring back up USD in case.

Thank you Tr1. I will try sticking to Cooperative Bank where possible. I will be taking some USD to Myanmar.

Did anyone get cash from the ATMs at Mandalay airport using the Revolut card?


Hi Everyone, I’ve got an update, as I’m currently in Mandalay.
The CB ATM was the only one working at the airport (for all the other foreign tourists) - the other ATMs either were out of cash, or out of order altogether.
Unfortunately, it kept denying the transactions with my revolut card. Same happened at another CB ATM, right next to my hotel in the city.

Luckily, the KBZ (Jivaka Pharmacy, 30th street) worked for me, and I finally managed to get some cash.

Hope this helps!

I’ve just spent a month in Myanmar (feb 2019, Yangon, Hpa-An, Mandalay, gi Bagan, Mawlymine, Nyaung Shwe) and not a single atm of any kind has given me MMK using the Revolut card, all withdrawals have been refused. Paying for goods and services does work. Had to resort to my Nationwide card for cash.

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Did you attempt to enable the “swipe payments” option under your card security controls at any point? It is possible their ATMs did not support reading the card’s chip.

What Revolut card you tried to use? Visa or Master?

Yes swipe payments is enabled.

It is the Visa version.

The atms appear to be reading the chip on my standard bank card.

I haven’t been to Myanmar in a couple of years so would expect there to be ATM´s there now (there was none ten years ago) BUT if you do bring cash, make sure that those USD´s are in absokute pristine condition. It was almost bizarre how they refused to accept bills with the tiniest, tiniest mark och ding on it…

Same can be said about Cambodia. It annoyed me VERY much. Stupid ppl. Money is money. Cash tends to worn out. They didnt care about their own currency condition but always wanted mint condition usd.

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Just an update on this topic as it is the #1 search result on Myanmar VS Revolut issues.

Currently in the country (Yangon) and the only ATM the card works with is KBZ Bank (all others failed), but a flat fee of 6500 Kyatt is applied (around $3.5) by the Bank.

Other than that, the card works like a gem on all payments I did (restaurants, hotel, etc), but you still need cash to enjoy the city (street food, smaller shops, markets, temple entrance, etc)

I had this issue with Curve when I was there, I used some of the CB Bank’s branches and it worked fine. Not all ATMs in Myanmar accept prepaid cards, think that was the issue. If you reach out to customer service they should be able to give you a list of eligible branches.
In Yangon the CB Bank ATM under Yangon Yangon (which is an amazing skybar with perfect view), accepts most credit cards. Good luck!

PS: Some ATMs charge even more than 6500ks (4.2$). Bevare.

I did read somewhere that Curve does not accept ATM use if ATM use magnetic stripe method.

Hy all, Can you help me plese? I will travelling to Myanmar in 2019. December. I have only HUF (Hungarian Forint) and EUR on my Revolut card. I can’t change them to MMK, because there is no MMK option in my change list.
If I will pay with this card or withdrav money from ATM will be change my HUF or EUR automatic to MMK? Or how can I use it in Myanmar?

Yes, you should be fine using any currency you have in your Revolut account(s). Exchange to MMK will happen automatically.