Card use in Myanmar (Burma)


I will be travelling to Myanmar later this year. Has anyone used the card in Myanmar, in ATM or for goods and services? Any problems?



Our card supports MMK, make sure you use ATMs that have the MasterCard logo on it.


Thank you Andreas. I will stick to MasterCard ATMs and also carry some USD currency with me. I would prefer to stick to foreign banks for the ATMs. Are there any in Myanmar?


I’m in Yangon at the moment- tried 2 different ATMs (including KBZ which is meant to be quite reliable) which didn’t work, but CB (Cooperative Bank) did work. I would bring back up USD in case.


Thank you Tr1. I will try sticking to Cooperative Bank where possible. I will be taking some USD to Myanmar.


Did anyone get cash from the ATMs at Mandalay airport using the Revolut card?