Card top up declines over £250

Getting repeated card declines when I attempt to top up over a certain amount, about £250. Affects different cards and now occurring over several days.

Support say this is an ongoing issue which they cannot seem to resolve for some reason.

Anyone else experiencing this?

What kind of cards are they? Credit, Debit or Prepaid?

Both credit and full debit cards. I’ve tried both. (UK). Unable to top up over about £250. I’m wondering if this is a 3D verification problem on Revolut’s side.

Where you able to top up more before? It takes a while until you can top up higher amounts.

Yes, been able to top up with these cards for years now. Higher amounts too.

Support now tell me that they’re working on solving a ‘technical issue’. Wasn’t sure whether this issue was more widespread than just affecting me.

As a temp solution cant you just top-up multiple times 250 ?

I can. And I have. I just wonder whether multiple repeated transactions will trigger the fraud alert algorithms of my card issuers and block my cards.

It’s annoying more than anything else, especially as it’s just suddenly happened out of the blue.

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Same for me, Was told it was my debit card issuer imposing the limit

I doubt that. It’s occurring with several different card issuers. Also Revolut support confirmed to me that it’s a technical issue that they’re still trying to sort out.

It’s troubling how support seem to give contradictory and different explanations to different customers. I’ve come across such contradictory behaviour in the past.

£250 is the top-up limit for Revolut business accounts. No doubt this figure has mistakenly been applied elsewhere. But with business accounts, you can top up with a card only once, and only for the initial top-up.