Card terminated

So will my card be reactivate?

I would wait for app support to respond. I doubt a picture of your card will be valid as proof of account identity.

What do you mean? I need to put my id card?

Something like that. Imagine I had found your lost card (which you froze because you lost it) and I could activate it again just by sending Revolut a photo of it. It’s just a matter of security for the user :slight_smile:

Please send me a direct message. You didn’t add a phone number in your profile here.

Hi Andreas, I was trying to update my new debit card details linked to my revolut card and I terminated my revolut card by mistake. Can you please recativate it asap as it worked perfectly fine. Also can you please let me know where to go on the phone app to update my debit card details? Lastly I would like to transfer about EUR 30k into CHF at the best exchange rate possible with no fee. what is the best way to do that with Revolut? many thanks. Best. Corinne

Tap top up like you would want to use your old card another time, then tap on the card, then on the little “i” icon next to the card, then tap delete. You can then set up your new card.

Thank you Franck, can you please reactivate my revolut card as I terminated it by mistake (I got the physical card which is working fine)

I’m not from support :wink: Just a user.

apologies… thank you frank. do you know how I can contact an administrator like Andreas K above as I dont seem to be able to send any email or message directly to him…just able to access this blog

Hi Andreas, I terminated my revolut card by mistake (while wanting to update my debit card details), can you please reactivate asap. Also can you please give me a phone number to call Revolut UK as I need assistance with a large transfer. many thanks. Best. Corinne

can any administrator help me please to reactivate my revolut card?

can someone from the resolut admin team please help me? I emailed Andreas, lewis and neil directly but still no assistance/help 2 hours later. Many thanks this is urgent.

still not help 3 hours later, can anyone suggest the best way to get hold of an adminstrator? I emailed them directly this morning but no one has replied. thank you!

Hi there. We are sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We have responded and resolved your query. If you need anything else, please let us know.

Hi there,

Any chance you can reactivate my new physical card please?

many thanks,

Hello could you please reactive mine too?