Card terminated


Hi - I have been looking around the app and noticed there is now no card linked to it. I tried adding the card I was sent & it says the card has been terminated. I haven’t used the card yet & its loaded with over £1000. I go on holiday on Tuesday. Any idea how I can get it sorted before then?


It seems we have managed to get in touch on Facebook and resolved the issue.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Have a great day.


Andreas K


Hi there,

My card has also been terminated. I contacted the support line yesterday on the app and no one has got back to me. I’m really panicking as this is my only source of money. I’d really appreciate if someone could get back to me as I’m in San Francisco and I need my money!!!



Well good luck with that… Really, seriously, sometimes I don’t get how people make plans for some serious travels and then complain.

Rule number one: Never ever ever trust a single source of electronic money when travelling! All kinds of issues may happen, be it Revolut or the most reliable bank out there.

You chip (or magstripe) can get corrupted. The card can be blocked by an ATM. You may lose it or your bank may have an IT outage. Finally, you may get hacked or self-hacked / mistaken and simple not have the money you expected to have- for lots of reasons.

Travel with at least two independent cards from different banks and- less important, but nice- different card companies. Have another spare, blocked but ready-to-unblock card kept in a safe place. Have some cash on you, even for emergencies.

Finally, ask yourself a simple question: What would I do if I lost my “main” card on a trip? Aim for an answer that does not give you any worry or discomfort and you’re good to go.


I have no idea how people manage to go balls deep like this without doing any reseqrch and without using common sense.

You need to have few cards from different banks and some cash just in case.



I have mistakenly terminated my card. How do I go about reactivating it?



I have reactivated your card.


Can you reactivate my card too?


Done. Please go card section, you should be able to see the card.



My card has also been terminated, can you please reactivate it for me?



can you reactivate my card please ? my card have been terminated


Have you contacted support via the in app function? This is a user forum and not necessarily routinely monitored.


yes i have contacted support ,waiting about 2hours nobody answered me.


Maybe try Twitter or @AndreasK or @JessicaZ may help


i don’t use twitter so…


Unfortunately I cannot locate you account using the phone number you have added to your profile here.


what should i add? to my account?


i added my revolut card picture do you see?


Did you maybe open your Revolut account with a different phone number?


No i tried to remove card because documents verification was more than 10minutes i thinked it crashed or something and then i wanted to try once again and it showed me cant link your card… Terminated