Card Terminated Upon Arrival - Urgent.


I have recieved my new card today and tried to link this via the app. It is stating the card is terminated. I have just received this. I am urgently needing this fixed as I fly out this week and need access to funds- cannot get any App Response.


Why link? It should be automatically linked. Did you d oanything to it after you ordered it?


As @alessandro said - card should’ve be linked automatically. The only thing to remember is that first usage of the card need to be chip and PIN verified.


This is a replacement card that I paid £12 fore express delivery for. I had to replace this as on Sunday I tried to test my old card before going on holiday and it didn’t work. I sent for a new card… this was received today, however it needs to be linked as it hasn’t shown up automatically. The app states that the card is terminated. I really need either a resolve or assurance as I need to conduct testing of the card tomorrow prior to flying out. All my money is loaded onto Revolut.


@AndreasK or @JessicaZ in that case


@AndreasK It has almost been 2 hours since raising this via live chat and no response. I am looking assurance that this can be resolved. If I have had to express a card to my address and pre loaded this with money only to find out that I cannot use this at all I will be prompted to raise a complaint. If this is the path I have to take I would appreciate a copy of your official complaint procedure. If this cannot be resolved I will have suffered significant inconvenience and financial detriment. Regards- John.


Hey @Jobbieteeth :slight_smile:

I’d calm down. You’ll probably get this solved by tomorrow morning if you explain things calmly and well enough in the support chat.


I wouldn’t repeat similar description (with warnings) in another threads.
I know that it can be difficult in your situation, but as @juliopp said- relax and give them a try :wink:


If clear expectations were outlined by Revolut as to their current SLAs then we would not be in this position. As it stands no timescales are outlined and no response has been sent to me in over 3 hours. As far as I am aware I have credited an app with all of my available balance and exchanged this to find that the card is terminated and I need a new card. I fly out in just over a day and may have no money as a result. I may very well get this resolved, however this would be based on hope. Fact tells me that I have no means of spending money and no support from Revolut.


Hey @Jobbieteeth :slight_smile:

I just wanted to point out two small things before leaving this topic:

  • it doesn’t seem that wise to move all you available balance to a single entity, even more if it’s a challenger bank.

  • if all your available balance is in :r: and your short-term ability to get money is limited and you’re in an extraordinary emergency (really, this is a last resort), I’d suggest creating a virtual card (which should be free if you have no cards in your account) and using that card to send money to a physical location with, for example, Azimo. The first transfer is free and it’d be a free, easy way to get all your money back :wink:

EDIT: this last option might cause trouble with 3DSecure


I trusted Revolut to deliver. I realise now that trust may have been a mistake. I should not have placed funds on the card, however I now need to understand how to progress… Revolut are not helping me thus far… in fact I have heard nothing since raising issue at 6:14 pm GMT.

I realise that I have placed confidence in Revolut and this may have been foolish on my part. But I cannot make other arrangements until they at least attempt to contact me. So my whole financial future/ security for the next week or so hangs in the balance until I receive a response. This is very upsetting and both myself and my family may be let down due to a service promised and not delivered on.

Very upsetting for me and extremely upsetting for my children.


Why should you need to know this? If you don’t mind me asking?


Hi there. As I can see an agent replied to your in app query by reactivating your card. Please note that the first card transaction has to be chip&pin.

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